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Definitely not part of my Element series, this is a short, silly vignette which comments on the nature of tradition.

Disclaimer: The characters of Star Trek: Voyager are the property of Paramount Pictures. This story is written in the spirit of Voyager fandom. No infringement is intended.

Warning: This story depicted two women in love and implies sexual intimacy. If this offends you or you are too young or it's just plain illegal on your part of the planet, do not proceed.

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Daylight Savings Time

by Vaxen (


Janeway's mind, still half enfolded in the grasp of Morpheus, struggled to make sense of the incongruous sound. She dreamed she was back on Earth, in the playground of her youth, surrounded by swing sets emitting the disharmonious squeal of metal grinding on metal.


Still riding on the edge of sleep, she recognized it as a generated rather than a natural sound and seized on the image of a toy she had received, played with but discarded along the way for bigger and better toys, like starships.

Doodlooteep. Doodlooteep. Doodlooteep.

Starships. That was it. She was captain of a starship called Voyager and the sound was her wakeup call.

"Computer, knock it off."

"Please restate request."

The irritating noise stopped with the computer's request for clarification and Janeway sighed with relief.

She slowly began to roll from her side to her back, but the transition was aborted as she collided with the soft yet unyielding flesh of the other person occupying her bed. The gorgeous figure of the overseer of astrometrics came to life just long enough to pull Janeway's bare back up against her naked breasts, then fell again into the heavy, rhythmic breathing patterns of sleep.

Janeway took just a moment to reflect on the amorous events of the preceding night before she gently tugged at the arm so possessively wrapped around her and said, "Seven, it's time to get up."

"That is not possible," she groaned, without opening her eyes. "My cortical implant incorporates a chronometric regulator. According to it, we have one more hour."

"Normally, but today we switch to DST."


"Daylight savings time."

Seven was now fully awake and gave Janeway a quizzical look. "Explain."

"On Earth, the clocks are set one hour ahead on the first Sunday in April every year, so that people can enjoy more hours of daylight during the summer months. Originally I think it also had something to do with energy conservation. I'm not sure. It started in the United States, but was eventually was adopted worldwide. Of course, it was done in reverse for the southern hemisphere, but when we moved out to explore space it was the 'spring forward/fall back' model that prevailed."

Seven looked at Janeway as if she had just said Neelix was the epitome of masculine physique. "You can't be serious. We are in the Delta Quadrant. There is no April. Months are irrelevant. We only experience daylight of any kind is when we are on an away mission. No species ever encountered or assimilated by the Borg knew or cared about a means for saving daylight. I recommend we go back to sleep."

Janeway worried at the problem like a cat with a spider cornered just out of claw's reach. "If months are irrelevant, what will we do about birthdays?"

"I celebrate the day you were born everyday I'm with you."

"You're such a sweet talker," Janeway stroked Seven's cheek affectionately, "but are you suggesting I just abolish DST? "

"You are the captain."

"OK, consider it done," Janeway said, surprised at how easily she could be convinced.

"Good, now go back to sleep."

"I can't sleep. I'm wide awake now."

"Then perhaps we can make other good use of this hour," Seven suggested with a waggle of her brow.