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The "Element of..." series

For best effect, read stories in the order listed below.

Element of Truth
(Rated PG) A harmless away mission goes bad.

Element of Desire
(Rated R) A visit from Q.

Element of Danger
(Rated R) What happens after a trip to paradise.

Element of Reality
(Rated PG) Diagonally parking in a parallel universe.

Element of Doubt
(Rated R) An encounter with a strange species unsettles Seven.

Element of Choice
(Rated PG) What Seven would do to save Janeway's life.

Element of Innocence
(Rated R) The return of Q.

Element of Control
(Rated R) A request for help from the Alternate Universe.

Element of Dreams
(Rated PG) The crew of Voyager thinks it has found a home.

Element of Loss
(Rated PG) A transporter accident occurs.

Element of Trust
(Rated PG) Voyager encounters a new life form the put Seven at odds with Janeway.

Element of Fear
(Rated PG) Janeway and Seven become the reluctant guests of a strange civilization.

Element of Caution
(Rated R) Voyager takes on a passenger who takes an interest in Seven.

Element of Magic
(Rated PG) Voyager discovers a man of mystery.