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Stories by Vaxen

Janeway/Seven Stories

Element series
14 interrelated stories.

The Love She Knows
(Rated R) Inspired by and based on "The Thing He Loves" by Boadicea.

Dubious Honor
(Rated PG) A vignette written in reaction to the episode "Fair Haven."

Daylight Savings Time
(Rated PG) A vignette about that lost hour.

Inner Child
(Rated PG) An encounter with an alien virtual world gives Janeway a second chance at childhood.

Imp of the Reverse
(Rated PG) The Doctor notices a change in the crew.

Reverse of the Imp
(Rated PG) A sequel to Imp of the Reverse

The Game Never Ends
(Rated PG) What happened after "Endgame?"