The Bands

Going Full Circle

Cover Girls



Linda Lujan - guitar
Allyson Laukkanen - bass
Renee Elia - keyboard

Marlene Peterson spent days wrapped in a blanket as she acclimated herself from the balmy climes of Hawaii to the frigid northwest. Despite the cold, she was glad to be back in Seattle again.

The My Dolls/Velvet Hammer


Linda Lujan- guitar
Pam Kahler - guitar
Emily Geballe - bass
Darcy Ward - bass

The My Dolls and Velvet Hammer consisted primarily of the same people as Thundermama. Changes in the band's name where the result of new management, a change in musical style or both. Attempts by managers to infuse glamour into bands met with varying results. The My Dolls witnessed yet another shift for Marlene from mild melodies to hard rock.

The Cover Girls


Linda Lujan- guitar
Darcy Ward - bass
Pam Kahler - guitar
Gretchen Ekstedt - keyboard
Barbara Chamberlin - lead vocal

Marlene Peterson in the Cover Girls Like her three previous bands, the Cover Girls were basically familiar faces. They played many engagements in Canada, which included months in the Yukon, where nights ranged from endless to nonexistent.

Her last band afforded Marlene an opportunity to travel abroad. In one of life's little twists, The Cover Girls were contracted to perform in Germany when Vixen, Marlene's first band, was unable to appear as scheduled. While there she had the opportunity to visit several other European countries.

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