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Ronnie Lee Group

Ronnie Lee Group


Allyson Laukkanen - bass
Ronnie Lee - guitar
Steve Buffington - guitar

Marlene Peterson in the Ronnie Lee GroupWild Cherry had last performed in 1976, but their appeal was such that many still remembered them in 1978, when Marlene Peterson was contacted by their old management company with plans to re-establish the band. The new, three-piece group toured as Wild Cherry then as the Ronnie Lee Group.

The female trio added a male and flew to Hawaii for a succession of engagements. However, a misunderstanding with a booking agent brought an early and abrupt end to the tour. The group was unable to find work and all of its members, except Marlene, returned to the continental United States.



Shane - lead vocal
Ken Billeaud - guitar
Jim Fackrell - bass
Joe Turnbull - keyboard

Marlene took advantage of the open return date on her airline ticket, working odd jobs and enjoying the Polynesian atmosphere. She briefly formed a band with some local male musicians and called it Slammer. Many factors, including the cost of living and an offer to join another all female band back in Seattle, Washington, prompted her to leave Hawaii one day before her airline ticket expired - one year after she had arrived.

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