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Show Us Your Cherry

Wild Cherry with original lead singer

Wild Cherry

1974-1976, 1978

Allyson Laukkanen - bass
Nancy Shanks - lead vocal
Brandy Alberti - lead vocal, keyboard
Addie Clement - guitar
Judy Sousa - saxophone
Sue Eisele - guitar
Bruce Neubert - guitrar
Vicky Grundmeyer - keyboard
Ronnie Lee - guitar
Ciaran Wells - lead vocal

One night, Wild Cherry's first lead singer, Nancy Shanks, was entertaining the audience between songs when a man made an inquiry about her wild cherry and its whereabouts. "Honey," she told the spectator, "my cherry is so far gone I'm using it as a tail light."

Marlene Peterson in Wild CherryLife in Wild Cherry was a little freer than it had been with Vixen. Marlene Peterson was able to flex her musical muscles and experiment with developing her own style. However, Wild Cherry lacked the stability of Vixen. The future of the band was sometimes uncertain. Band members were constantly being recycled, resulting in periods when the band was forced into hiatus. During one of these breaks, Marlene had a brief stint with a country band in Texas. She was happy to return to the Black Hills of South Dakota, where Wild Cherry's management company was based and the band had made a name for itself. The name "Wild Cherry" was so resilient that even after the last members had agreed to call it quits in 1976, the band was reformed in 1978 as a power trio.

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