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Cheating Time


copyright 2002

Chapter 4 - Trapped in Amber0

"What if the power goes out?" Dee squeaked.

The day when she and Linda were going into stasis had arrived. Maria dropped them at the lab. Always the pragmatist, Maria decided there was nothing she could do at this point except wave farewell. Linda was anxious and ready to get underway, but Dee had some last minute questions for Laura.

"It's not a problem," Laura tried to reassure her. "We have backup power. Besides, after the initial surge required to achieve stasis, a 9-volt battery could maintain the field for a week. Shall we continue the checklist?"

"Yes!" Linda exclaimed with frustration. They had already been through hours of medical examinations. Blood was drawn at regular intervals and every orifice on their bodies had been probed and investigated to make sure that nothing would interfere with the transition.

"Contact lenses removed?"

"Yes. You know I'll need them when we, well, get back." Dee squinted for emphasis.

"We'll be ready when you revive. Now if you'll come over here and remove your gowns we can begin." Clothing was one of the many things that would cause problems. Being modest by nature, Dee's already glum expression darkened.

"Cheer up," Linda remarked as she dropped her flimsy garment on the floor. She moved behind Dee and stripped hers off in a single motion and wrapped her in a bear hug. "I know five years is a long time to go without sex. You might just revert to virgin status. Want to have one last go at it before we kiss goodnight? Laura, you don't mind if Dee and I make love on your lab table?"

"I don't mind you doing it if you don't mind me watching," Laura teased.

Linda pressed her mouth hard against Dee's and for one horrified moment Dee thought she actually was going to initiate something in front of a near stranger, but Linda broke off the kiss and embraced her once again. With her lips close she whispered, "Thank you for doing this. It means the world to have you with me. I love you, sweet Dee."

Overwhelmed, Dee could only hug Linda harder.

Laura cleared her throat, reminding them that they were not alone and the pair separated. She led them to two large glass slabs and instructed them to lie face-up. When she had them properly positioned, she moved to a console some distance away.

"Aren't you going to attach electrodes and stuff to monitor our body functions?" Dee inquired.

"There are no body functions to monitor," Laura responded. "Not to mention that they would interfere with the transition. I'm going to cover you now. After that I won't be able to hear you, so if there are any other questions, now is the time. And before you ask, don't worry about being able to breath. Stasis occurs so quickly that it won't be a problem. So, if there's nothing else..." The room was silent. "See you in five years, ladies."

Two glass domes lowered from above, covering the woman like entrees on a serving dish.

"Beginning sequence," were the last words Dee heard. There was a low hum and Dee imagined lights dimming in homes and businesses all over the South Bay. It was suddenly warm and the panic that threatened to overwhelm Dee was transformed into a giggle, euphoric sensation. Then the universe blinked.

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