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A Brief Background of Vixen

Vixen has floated in and out of my life for over 25 years.

I first saw Vixen perform in 1974 at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. I had never attended a show with a live band, but the notion of an all woman band intrigued me. At that time Vixen had six members and the unique distinction of two drummers. The drummers were Laurie Hedlund and Marlene Peterson. Nancy Shanks was lead singer. Cindy Boettcher was on keyboard. Gayle Erickson played bass. Jan Kuehnemund played guitar. I was to meet all of them at least once.

I wrote my one and only fan letter to Vixen. Marlene answered it, but by that time Vixen had broken up - with Jan, Gayle and Cindy returning to Minneapolis/St. Paul, retaining the rights to the band name. Laurie later rejoined them.

I maintained a correspondence with Marlene, who in turn provided me with information about Vixen. I lost contact with Marlene in the early 80s. About that time I saw a trailer for "Hardbodies." Not the sort of movie I normally attend, there was something familiar about the female band I saw in a brief clip and I was compelled to satisfy my curiosity. There they were - Laurie and Jan - Vixen.

I don't frequent record stores, but I somehow happened to come across "Rev It Up," "Vixen" and most recently "Full Throttle." Until then, it hadn't occurred to me to look for Vixen sites. I was pleased to find several, but none seemed to take the band back as far as I knew them. I had pictures and posters I thought others might enjoy. The result is this site, Early Vixen.

Trivia: Vixen was first called Genesis, a name they had to abandon when another band by the same name achieved fame with several hit songs.

The logo on the homepage of this site was used on Vixen's original posters.